dressed as the poultry girl

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This is Cess’s bodice, the top part of the dress, which is useful for stuffing things into as pockets are a new-fangled fashion and only the rich have them.  The bodice is the Elizabethan equivalent of a bra and vest.  It is very snugly fitting to keep the breasts in place, usually laced up the front (you would need a servant to help you dress if it laced up the back, so only the better off wore that style).  For working girls and women the bodice was not be boned or stiffened, for they need to move freely, but it still fits tightly to help carry the weight of the skirt.  In lots of films set in Tudor times you see bodice straps or smocks slipping off the shoulder –this would only have happened if the wearer was such a slovenly wretch she could not keep her clothes in place and was certainly not a look aspired to.  In cold weather, Cess has a pair of sleeves made out of the same material that she can tie onto the bodice.


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Heiress of the Earl of Montacute