dressed as the poultry girl

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Cess is wearing a coif – the most common form of headgear.  Everyone covers their heads at all times, indoors and out and even at the table, except in the presence of the Queen.  Men doff their caps to their superiors.  Cess has a simple coif that she made from a piece of rough, unbleached linen.  Many poorer women wind large linen squares, like a big hanky, around their heads.  Cess’s better coif, which she has lost, is of finer, white linen, which she has edged with simple embroidery.  Everyone Cess knows makes all their own clothes or alters second hand clothes bought from travelling pedlars.  Cloth is very expensive as it takes so much labour to make and so clothes are never thrown away but recycled.


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Heiress of the Earl of Montacute