dressed as the poultry girl

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The kirtle is a very full skirt, normally ankle length, but some working girls and women wear it shorter or hooked it into their girdles (belts) so as not to trip.  Cess’s is above her ankle because it is too small for her.  Most kirtles are made of wool and lined with linen, like the bodice.  Servants often wear blue clothes because the indigo dye is very cheap, but other natural dyes are also available, especially browns, soft reds and oranges, greys and sludgy greens.  Most people’s clothes look very faded because natural dyes do not retain their colour well.  There is a band of a darker colour material at the hem to hide the dirt.  When it becomes frayed, Cess replaces just this hem band rather than having to make a new kirtle.


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Heiress of the Earl of Montacute