as heiress of the Montacute Estate

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Cess’s kirtle is made of the finest white silk embroidered with exotic and brightly coloured flowers and sewn with thousands of seed pearls. It cost more than a senior craftsman could earn in two years. The kirtle is laid over the farthingale to cover it completely. It’s the first time Cess has even touched silk, only the nobility and the upper classes are allowed to wear it. The Sumptuary Laws are very specific about what colours and materials can be worn and by whom. Velvets, fine cottons, silks, furs, lace, bejewelled or pearl-encrusted fabrics are reserved for the upper classes. The poorer classes are allowed linen, wool and sheepskin and only their buttons or linings could be silk or velvet. Ermine IS reserved for the nobility. The colour purple is only for the Queen. Crimson and gold are for royalty, nobility and members of the Queen’s council.

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Poultry Girl