Montacute House
UK Edition
ISBN: 978-1408803769
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published: May 2010
Publisher: Bloomsbury

On her thirteenth birthday, Cess Perryn discovers a precious
pendant in the chicken coops where she works.  Is it meant for her?  
A boy is found dead on the banks of the river and her best friend,
William, disappears. Events are set in motion that will change her
world forever. Accused of being involved in William’s disappearance,
Cess is determined to prove the villagers wrong and sets out
to find him.

In her search, she is forced to draw on powers she never knew
she possessed and that will put her life in danger if discovered.  
She becomes embroiled in a plot that reaches the highest levels
of society and soon her own life is threatened as she uncovers
secrets people would kill to keep hidden.

Witchcraft, politics and religious ambition combine in this gripping
and beautifully realised novel set in the Somerset of the 1590s.

Read more about the history of Montacute House, find out what it
was like for Cess to live in Elizabethan times and view photographs
of Montacute House in the gallery.


“Jago writes lyrically and handles a complicated plot with aplomb.”
Financial Times

“This impressive historical debut is a beguiling mix of politics
and witchcraft.”
The Bookseller

“Cess is a reluctant heroine but, as all good reluctant heroines do,
she steps up to the plate at a time of crisis. She has a strong sense
of personal ethics and a deep well of courage. She's also intelligent
and independent of thought. Readers will love her.”
Book Bag

“Montacute House reminds me of all I love about historical fiction;
it's beautifully crafted, the writing is fabulous and the plot excellent.
The author's writing is lyrical and gripping and the story is well
researched... Montactute House is one of those books that had me thinking about it during my most boring lessons of the day.
I'm seriously impressed. ”
The Book Bug: Books for Teens

“An exciting and well-written book.”
Write Away

“There's a many layered mystery to be solved at the heart of
this richly evoked historical novel which captures the fear
and superstition of Elizabethan society .”

“The story felt like a glimpse into the past and it was fascinating.”
The Bookette