Regency House Party
UK Edition
ISBN: 978-0316726583
Hardback, 272 pages
Published: January 2004
by Little, Brown Book Group

Lucy was asked to wear full Regency dress while visiting the film location for the series. She did not object, having a great fondness for bonnets.

‘Regency House Party’ is a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated
and hugely informative book. The high drama and decorum of Britain, two hundred years ago, is expertly drawn along with the detail of everyday life with such things as recipes for ‘freckle potions’ and the strict rules regarding the etiquette of courting.  

The book skilfully interweaves the story of an extraordinary
TV experiment (by the makers of The 1940s House, The Victorian House and The Edwardian Country House) in which five men and five women are taken back to discover life and love in the Regency, with a highly enjoyable historical account of the period.

The book recounts the time of the birth of celebrity and the advance of science, an era of romance and great literature, of opulence and social unrest. It is a ‘must’ for any lover of Jane Austen’s novels or anyone with an interest in Regency Britain.


“Lucy Jago has written a beautifully illustrated and hugely informative book which is already flying off the shelves.”
Daily Echo Magazine

“'Explore the finer points of Regency life while shattering the illusions and revealing the truth of a deeply divided England.'”
Good Book Guide