Henry VIII becomes King.
1530 - 1539   
Henry VIII breaks with the Catholic Church and dissolves the monasteries.
1533    Sep 7th    
Elizabeth born (by Anne Boleyn).
1537    Oct 12th    
Edward born (by Jane Seymour).
1547    Jan 28th    
Henry dies. Edward VI proclaimed King (aged 9).
1553    July 6th
            July 19th  
Edward VI dies (aged 15).  
Mary I proclaimed Queen.
1558    Nov 17th    
Mary dies.  Elizabeth becomes Queen.
Elizabeth withdraws England from the Catholic Church.
1561    August   
Return of Mary Stuart from France to Scotland to become Mary Queen of Scots.
Plague in England.
1564    April   
 Birth of William Shakespeare.
1566    June 19th    
James, Mary Stuart’s only child born.
1568    May    
Mary Stuart Queen of Scots flees to England and is imprisoned at Fotheringay Castle.
1569    Autumn    
The Northern Rebellion – an uprising led by northern lords to re-establish the Catholic faith.
1570    Feb 25th    
Pope Pius V excommunicates Elizabeth.
1577    Dec    
Sir Francis Drake sets out on voyage around the world.
Jesuit missionaries first come to England.
Shakespeare’s first plays. Sir Walter Raleigh tries to found a colony in Virginia.
Babington plot to overthrow Elizabeth for the Catholic Queen of Scots uncovered. Poor harvests.
1587    Feb 8th    
Execution of Mary Queen of Scots. Poor harvests.
1588    Aug 8th    
Spanish Armada defeated. Poor harvests. The building of Montacute House was begun.
London theatres closed due to an outbreak of Bubonic plague – the Black Death.
1594 - 1598    
Poor harvests. Plague breaks out across the country including in Somerset. Irish rebellion under Hugh O’Neill.
Globe Theatre opens.
1603     Mar 24th    
Elizabeth I dies of blood poisoning. James I of England and VI of Scotland proclaimed King.